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Deepwater Oil Drilling

Pro/Con Articles


Is deepwater oil drilling safe?


The deepwater oil drilling industry employs thousands of Americans; even a relatively brief moratorium could cause those jobs to disappear, as multinational drilling companies pack up and take their operations to more-drilling-friendly countries. Additionally, the United States remains heavily dependent on oil, and needs to produce as much as possible. Therefore, it does not make sense to deprive the country of the millions of barrels of oil that can be obtained only by drilling in deep waters.


The explosion of a deepwater oil drilling rig run by BP, and the ensuing oil spill that devastated the Gulf of Mexico, offer clear proof that deepwater oil drilling is an inherently dangerous practice with potentially disastrous consequences. At the very least, the federal government should intervene and temporarily halt new deepwater drilling, if not end it completely, until the practice can be fully evaluated.