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DNA Evidence

Pro/Con Articles


The death penalty is a humane method of punishing brutal killers by granting them a quick and painless death. Public opinion supports capital punishment, and banning it would be an undemocratic act.


The death penalty is a flawed punishment method because it is irreversible, and innocent people have undoubtedly been put to death for crimes they did not commit. Life imprisonment is a far more humane method of punishing convicted killers.


DNA testing is an important way for those who have been wrongly convicted to prove their innocence. Such testing is not expensive, and prisoners should be given a chance at exoneration. Law enforcement agencies should collect DNA from criminal suspects in order to determine if they may be guilty of other unsolved crimes.


Post-conviction DNA tests often do not conclusively prove innocence. Such tests are expensive and clog the justice system, leading to frivolous appeals that waste time and taxpayer money. Collecting DNA from suspects who have not been put on trial or convicted of any crime violates their constitutional right to be presumed innocent, as well as the Fourth Amendment's prohibition against unreasonable searches and seizures.