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Analyzing and Understanding: Completing a Historical Document Worksheet

Use the following template to help you evaluate a historical document. For more information, go to Analyzing Historical Documents.

Type of Document  
Date of Document  
Author's Name and Background
What are the author's opinion and beliefs? Could these have influenced his or her writings?
Author's Knowledge of Event
Did the author witness or take part in the event? Or is the document based on what others heard and saw?
Document's Historical Context  
Document's Main Points  
Document's Tone  
Reason(s) Why the Document Was Created
Did the author want to inform or persuade others? Are there any words that lead you to believe that the author is biased?
Document's Purpose
Was it intended for a large or small audience? Was it published or unpublished?
Intended/Likely Audience  
Interpretation of Document
How is this document interpreted today? Does your knowledge of a past event influence your interpretation of this document? How was the document interpreted at the time it was written or published?

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